Sighé, dal greco antico ‘silenzio’
Una parola che diventa spazio proteso verso la calma interiore.

“Puglia is the Italian region where you perceive East the most.”

The fascinating connection between our land and the Byzantine world, which left unique traces, inspires our hospitality philosophy.
The sense of direction is so strong here that everything reminds to its authentic research.

“The peaceful geometry of the cutting lines.”

Dimora Sighé rises up, as a little tower, among tuff sides carved by the patient craftsmanship.
The cutting lines recall silent scores, harmonious chords flooded with light.

“Salento is a big vegetable garden with villages in the middle and the sea around.”

The sweetness of the villages around the villa, a constellation of white houses, aristocratic palaces, ancient rural constructions, churches, ways of living still quiet and smells of cooking whatever time of the year.