Find again the calmest dimension of yourself, relying on the hand movements of an expert masseuse. A massage choice that combines the western and eastern one, or eastern only. A long stillness moment that you can live indoor and outdoor, depending on season and wish.

Music on water

Peaceful outdoor moments in the absolute privacy among the flowing architecture of the live music, the wind that ripples the pool surface, the taste of a refined aperitif.

Sounds bath

Guided by an expert, an immersion in the sounds that will give you a greater sense of physical and mental well-being.


Guided by an expert, a useful practice to focus in the moment.

Fos tour
Light through the Salento streets

Seeing and listening the moment that goes away.
Seeing reality with no prejudices. Taking pictures become a meditation moment, being authentically in the moment. A photography lesson edited by an expert, by means of professional device or phone, that is itinerant through the streets of the villages most authentic in Salento. Two possible itinerary: “Hidden Architectures Fos Tour” searching most hidden details of two villages you can choose among … and “Searching for the Eastern Fos Tour” , a packed and emotional tour in the traces of the astonishing Byzantine frescoes here in Salento.

From books to fabrics

It was once a municipal library, a place of culture conservation, and today it is Leonardo Nuccio showroom, temple of fabrics and style in the tailor-made men’s clothes. In an ancient building in the old town, you’ll find an exclusive location with antiques and precious garments to understand the Italian excellence of doing.
The sartorial experience is a moment of serene dedication to oneself through the love for beauty, an essential component of the Nuccio Family’s philosophy, who will devote you time and attention to choosing the right garment, with a small gift for customers only.