The spirit of a place is not only in its roots, but also in its direction. Here we look to the East, like the most Eastern Italian cloister, which we glimpse from the bedroom, tied to the spirituality of the lands that we see in the brighter days beyond the sea and the Madonna del Gonfalone crypt, ancient trace of the passage of the Italian – Greek monks.

The roots are about cutting lines of the tuff quarry, on which the dimora raises as a hermitage, stones put together with patience, Mediterranean green which draws spontaneous landscapes, shining light all day long.

The “Sighé” word came slowly to light from the jumble of ideas on the references to the so close byzantine world, to the East also perceived for the proximity of the Gonfalone Byzantine church and for the atmosphere studded by the birdsong in different parts of the day.

If the most important task for man is to give birth to himself, a more symbolic but likewise ambitious task is, to ensure, by his action, that this happens for people and things as well around him.

We dedicate our work to this so difficult and exciting idea, which goes from the rebirth of a building to a condition of a new child of the soul.